Soma Care and Maintenance

Periodically, we do maintenance on Soma. On Sunday and Monday, we had a solid crew down on Pier 14 to replace some blubs, remove graffiti, and reinforce the mesh on the lower dodecas.

Adriaan and Siobhan remove a stripped out wood screw from the decking.

Adriaan and Siobhan remove a stripped out wood screw from the decking.

Amanda installs a light-diffusing "knee blub" to the lower dodeca's dendrite.

Amanda installs a light-diffusing “knee blub” to the lower dodeca’s dendrite.

Gorgeous night-time shots of the Serpent Mother

Here are a few lovely images of our Snakey at night, when she looks particularly sharp.

photo by Christine Lan

A huge crowd of people staying warm in the Serpent’s glow. Photo by Christine Lan

We make our flames blue by mixing copper chloride into the liquid methanol. Photo by Christine Lan.

Pink flames, from lithium chloride. Photo by Christine Lan.

And check out this amazing overexposed daytime shot! (No, that’s not an illustration!)

Photo by Hank Leiter.

Photo by Hank Leiter.

Serpent Mother, looking glorious on the playa again for her 10th anniversary!

As we spend the weekend unpacking and de-dusting, we are basking in the glow of a phenomenal time out at Burning Man this year. The Serpent Mother got an enormous amount of love from the citizens of Black Rock City, and the media has been featuring this sculpture all over the internet. The Atlantic has a great photo essay, including this lovely shot of our snake!

 Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Praise for SOMA as a Good Spot to Hang Out

Broke-Ass Stuart tips his hat to our sculpture Soma, whose surrounding cement benches, cedar decking, and gorgeous night-lights backdrop make it an ideal place to chill in the great urban outdoors.

nan palmero soma

photo by Nan Palmero