Gorgeous night-time shots of the Serpent Mother

Here are a few lovely images of our Snakey at night, when she looks particularly sharp.

photo by Christine Lan

A huge crowd of people staying warm in the Serpent’s glow. Photo by Christine Lan

We make our flames blue by mixing copper chloride into the liquid methanol. Photo by Christine Lan.

Pink flames, from lithium chloride. Photo by Christine Lan.

And check out this amazing overexposed daytime shot! (No, that’s not an illustration!)

Photo by Hank Leiter.

Photo by Hank Leiter.

Serpent Mother, looking glorious on the playa again for her 10th anniversary!

As we spend the weekend unpacking and de-dusting, we are basking in the glow of a phenomenal time out at Burning Man this year. The Serpent Mother got an enormous amount of love from the citizens of Black Rock City, and the media has been featuring this sculpture all over the internet. The Atlantic has a great photo essay, including this lovely shot of our snake!

 Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Flaming Lotus Girls BBQ Shindig Saturday June 4

World-renowned fire art sculpture mavens the Flaming Lotus Girls are pleased to announce an afternoon & evening of art, music, and fun to unveil the design for their newest piece, Tympani Lambada! Come heat up the summer with the Flaming Lotus Girls:


3:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Free to attend (donations encouraged!)
The Box Shop
951 Hudson Avenue, San Francisco
Directions to the BoxShop: http://bit.ly/iNgFEu

Sonic backdrop: DJ Smoove (NewsBreakz), and others
BBQ Magic by FLGs Catherine & Rosa Anna


The women and men who brought you Serpent Mother, Mutopia, Soma, and many other breathtaking works warmly invite you to join them for a BBQ Shindig to help us complete our grandest sculpture yet. Every donation supports the creation of stunning fire art and helps this female-driven group continue their tradition of innovation and inclusiveness.

Enjoy tasty sizzling bites from Catherine and Rosa Anna, DJ Smoove (NewsBreakz), and others, and of course – some fire art!

Best of all – the evening is open to one and all, with no cover charge! Yes, that’s right. It’s absolutely FREE, and we want YOU to come.

Hang with the artists, pick up some classic FLG schwag, treat yourself to some savory food and dance the night away to some of the Bay Area’s preeminent DJs. You’ll have a fabulous time with the pleasure of knowing you’re supporting unique and extraordinary art.

Show your support for local artists! Your generosity will help us raise essential funds required to see this monumental work come to fruition.

With love and lipstick kisses,
Flaming Lotus Girls

Check out where the Flaming Lotus Girls work, play and make hot metal magic come to life! See the latest plans for FLG’s grand new sculpture, Tympani Lambada, headed out to Burning Man 2011.

Landing in Toronto

The future home of the Angel

We have made it!

Well at least two of us have, we are here in Toronto, awaiting the arrival of the crew and truck.

The next week in Toronto will be a flurry of FLG activity, in the heart of the city.  We will be working hard in Nathan Phillips Square, in front of City hall to install the Angel of the Apocalypse.  It is true, your our favorite mavens of accelerants will be installing the Angel for its Canadian debut…….and we couldn’t be happier.

The City of Toronto staff have taken on quite a challenge displaying a major piece of fire art in the middle of a metropolitan area.  What an amazing crew of people they are, tenacious and stubborn; just like us no wonder we like them so much!  This has not been an easy road to negotiate with local authorities, but we are nearly there and have met some wonderful people along the way.

Our Canadian Valve Heros!

Today we were able to meet the some of the city staff we have been working with: Matt, Kerri, Amy, and Chris. Great people. As well we had lunch with Dominic (who’s birthday is today) and Christina, from Process Instruments And Components Inc, who helped source the Canadian approved valves that we needed! Hopefully they will both be joining us later this week to be overwhelmed by the full FLG love assault.  Many fiery kisses go out to the support they have given us.

And if that weren’t all the super crew from Superior Propane installed our pipe today and boy, oh, boy was Mills happy!  Reg, from Superior, caught us upstairs checking out the plumbing artistry.

We are soon off to bed to get ready for the day of truck unloading ahead.  We will update you tomorrow.

love and fiery kiss,
Your Flaming Lotus Girls from Toronto