Fire testing at the shop

This is a quick post to show off some nice arial footage of a fire test we ran last night. It’s often windy out in the shop’s open yard at night (we’re right on the bay), so FLG Jason had some pretty challenging conditions to fly his drone in!

Check out the video here:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 6.56.25 PM.png

FLG’s newest piece: Noetica

FLG is thrilled to be building an Honorarium piece for Burning Man this year called Noetica!

Noetica is made of two similar structures, one small and one large, each built from 144 interlocking, movable squares displaying interconnected artwork. Suspended 20 feet above the playa, Noetica’s larger piece looks like a solid and imposing artwork, but as you walk closer, it becomes clearer that it is rippling with sinuous and seductive motion. Its movements travel from cube to cube, reflecting how ideas are fluid and linked through cooperation and communication. Viewers create this movement through controls on the smaller piece, which hydraulically move the elements of larger piece in a reflective fashion. Coordinated movement is rewarded with fire and lighting effects. At night, poofers dance in the sky as golden fire-lit images flicker on the playa surface below.


Testing a new pilot light idea for Noetica, using the trusty ol’ Aorta from our most recent piece Pulse

The structures will be a gathering place by day, providing shade and shelter; at night, the flames will warm and delight observers. During the event week, we’ll hold several fire shows at the piece.

We are just getting started with fabrication now. Wanna come help? Write to us at


Carter shows off a freshly-plasma-cut sheet of Noetica’s logo. Things are about to get busy on that machine behind him!

Keyhole peek into what FLG’s doing right now…

We’re right in the middle of busy discussions about repairs and upgrades, and figuring out which events we can bring our art to this summer… But while we get that all sorted, we are thrilled to announce that we received a Black Rock City Honoraria Grant and will be building a NEW sculpture for Burning Man 2017!

More info as it comes into focus…

Hat tip from @burningman

FLG got a nice mention from @burningman today, about this film on the installation of Soma in Vallejo!