Save the Date: Sat, Dec 10!


FLG is excited to present “IN THE RED!” — a gallery pARTy and silent auction fundraiser to support our recent sculpture Pulse, as well as our public installation of Soma in downtown Vallejo!

Saturday, December 10

SOMArts — 934 Brannan St in San Francisco

Come check out our latest sculpture Pulse, enjoy music and craft cocktails, and pick up something for all the names on your holiday list — including our NEW 2017-2018 Calendar!
  • photo prints of FLG art, new and legacy
  • our fiery art pin-up 2017-2018 calendar hot off the presses
  • unique art donations by individual Flaming Lotus Girls
  • classic FLG teeshirts
  • DIY screen-printing with FLG logos
  • surprise holiday fun!
We love you and want to see you there! Put December 10 on your calendar now, and spread the word!

Soma in the Vallejo Times-Herald

FLG just finished installing Soma on Vallejo’s Unity Plaza, and we’re getting some love in the local post. The Times-Herald just published a story about Soma’s location in a “dead-zone” area of the town.

Vallejo Councilwoman Katy Miessner calls the installation “a huge benefit for the revitalization and redevelopment of our waterfront and downtown. [Soma creates] a visual bridge between our downtown and our waterfront.”

Read the article here. More pics of the build coming soon!



Get our 2017-2018 Calendar!

The Flaming Lotus Girls have been busy this year! We designed and built our latest piece Pulse, which made its stunning debut in Black Rock City. We’ve also been busy teaching skills workshops, fire safety classes, and we just installed our sculpture Soma in downtown Vallejo, where it’ll stand for the next two years!


Meanwhile, we’ve also been working behind the scenes to put together another fabulous 2-year calendar, featuring some of the best action shots of both our art and our members.

This calendar includes our legacy work as well as our latest creations, and plenty of dirty metal shop fabrication action. Decorate your wall, keep track of the passage of time, and support your favorite vixens of flame with our 2017-2018 calendar!

1 for $20, 3 for $45, 10 for $100.

Place your order directly on our website!

Anne & Mark’s was fabulous party!


alveoli!  photo by Catbird

Pulse had a great run this past weekend at Anne & Mark’s party. We learned that a 16′ box truck will neatly carry one pod and two of our big red round propane vessels (boobies tanks) — good to know, as we’ll surely be showing Pulse again locally.

Check out this quick video of sweet poofing action.


controlling Pulse from the pod, Amanda on the buttons.  photo by Catbird


Amanda mugging. photo by Catbird

This was the second time we’ve set her up, and now we have a good idea of how long it takes to get the whole system assembled and tested, as well as some ideas to streamline it for next time.

Thanks to everyone who came out and pushed out buttons!


photo by Catbird