Taking Stock of the Serpent

We were busy at the shop again this weekend, cracking open the Serpent Mother container and taking stock of all her guts. The Serpent will be at the Electric Daisy Carnival next month, and we have some system testing to do and some minor improvements to make.

The view from Lorah's second story container... cloudless skies over the Bay. The Serpent's egg is in the left foreground, next to WAVE.

Anthony forks while Margaret wrestles a vertebra section off its rack.

Sooz takes stock of various serpentine items.

On Saturday we pulled out the racks of snake-parts and snake-accessories and gave them a visual check. There is at least one suspicious weld we’ll redo. Minor primping includes scrubbing the stainless steel vertebrae with Simple Green, but that we will do on-site.

Before we leave, however, we’ll be adapting the hydraulic system that recently ran Charlie Gadeken’s WAVE, and using it to drive the Serpent. WAVE made its debut at Coachella last month, featuring mechanical design by engineers Mike Prados and Ray Sykes. They’ll be refitting our snakey with the same system.

Tad forklifts the disembodied head of the Serpent out of the container. You can see her right eye socket and nostrils from this angle. Creepy.

WAVE, waving, at Coachella 2012. Photo by Mike Prados, who photographed the sculpture and took some lovely video capturing its motion.

Meanwhile, in electronics, we’ll be rebuilding two control boxes that steer the Serpent’s jaw and neck motion. Heated, technical discussions are underway about building a schmancy analog joystick controller for the head to go with the schmancy analog valves. Thrilling photos from the Geek Suite to come…

oooh! pretty slo-mo soma video!

so many good folks shot some amazing footage of Soma this weekend at Maker Faire.  We’ll be posting more photos and videos soon.  Here’s are two  gorgeous slow motion videos of the lower nucleus filmed by Mark Caldwell.  thanks, Mark!

Flaming Lotus Girl video podcast!

thanks to the wonderful work of a team of students from Expression College, we’ve got ourselves a shiny new video podcast!

for the past couple of months, Andrew Bauer, Patrick Krier, Kate McAlpine, and Skye X have been working on this video documentary for a course assignment. they braved the screeching of grinders and the flying of sparks to record interviews, shoot footage at the box shop and mingle among the many Lotus Girls who have been hard at work on the Angel of the Apocalypse (which is being loaded onto the truck as I write!).

when asked via IM why they chose us as their focus, Andrew’s answer was easy: “We chose fire sculpture because who doesn’t like to watch things blow up?” Indeed. I know it’s why I keep coming back.

See it for yourself on CurrentTV or watch it below!

And come out to see the Flaming Lotus Girls at the WinterCity Festival in Toronto January 29 – February 11, 2010!



soma time lapse!

thanks to two of the lotus girls’ very own, sooz cammack and george schaller, we’ve got an amazing time laspe of soma from the desert this year from construction to deconstruction and everything in between.

watch it while listening to your favorite soundtrack. just about anything will do…my personal soundtrack was on www.kcrw.com with “Fight for You” by Morgan Page on deck. seemed to work pretty well.

enjoy the view.