FLG interviewed on Ignite.Me!

FLG got interviewed on Ignite.Me!

Ignite Me is an inspirational blog featuring groundbreaking artists — visual, audio and otherwise — and their terrific projects and creations. FLG is humbled to be featured on their site, with an interview with one of our founders, Pouneh Mortazavi. Have a look at some money shots of our sculptures in action, and read Pouneh’s accounts of the fuels we use, how we fund our work, and what it feels like to see the finished product!

Tympani’s first steps!

Two sculptures at once! Mutopia's racks, Tympani's metal.

We Flaming Lotus Girls are some lucky girls. Not only are we getting to take out Mutopia, which hasn’t been seen in full for nearly 3 years, but we’re creating Tympani Lambada as well.  We’ve made some important milestones that we’re delighted to share. Personally, I have been doing my happy dance a lot lately.

our very first space pigeon!

Our first big steps into reality with Tympani are our first metal order delivery and our first space pigeon.

What, you may ask, the hell is a space pigeon? Our space pigeons are the cross-section shape of Tympani’s arches, and have become a repeating design element throughout the sculpture. They are called space pigeons because during the design process, there are many late nights that involve beer.  On one such night, it was decided that the shape we’d just come up with looked like what pigeons might look like if they went to space. And so, the shape was named.

Ray making the first cuts for Tympani! He loves the new CNC.

We have a distinct change in our arsenal of tools and skills this year. The Boxshop has acquired a CNC plasma cutting machine. Many of us are fairly skilled with a plasma cutter, but theres no competing with robots on some things. Robots may never come up with space pigeons, but they can cut them perfectly over and over again. Its enabling us to save a lot of time with angle grinders (a handy but not widely loved tool). We’re learning the ins and outs of this machine, and are very pleased with the results.

To celebrate our progress, we’re having a BBQ fundraiser at the shop! On Saturday, June 4th, we’re inviting you to come check out where we make our art, see how Tympani is emerging, and visit with pieces of Mutopia. There will be food, drink, music and fire.  Its also the start of our kickstarter campaign! We’ll need your support and help to make our visions of metal and fire into reality. Come say hello to your favorite girls with fire.



Flaming Lotus Girls Presents: In The Red! Gallery Show and late night fundraiser

In The Red

In The Red


Burning Man is long past, and we’re all dust free and have had a chance to tally the books for Mutopia.

Unfortunately, the numbers are our favorite color, red. (this means we’re up to our lipsticked lips in debt.)

To help alleviate this, (and have some fun), we’re throwing a party, Friday, December 5th.  We want to see all of our friends and family, so we’re starting the night early at 7pm with a cocktail party and gallery show- come have a drink and enjoy stunning images of Mutopia.  There will be a silent auction of framed photographs as well as the usual Lotus Girl swag.  The gallery show will wind down at 10, when we wind up the sound system.




We’ll be turning up the music at 10pm and keeping it going until 6am. Come early, come late, stay later. For music we’re pulling in talent from all over the place. Local favorites from Evil Breaks, Space Cowboys and others, and we’re bringing in a special treat from Budapest- one of Hungary’s best producer/DJs, Fine Cut Bodies. This will be the 4th time we’ve brought him to SF- and you know that means he’ll be providing us with the sickest, most awesome beats you never knew about. 

7pm Gallery Show and Cocktail Party (Donation before 9.00PM)
10pm-6am Party!  $15 door, $10 presales and before 11.pm

Presale Tickets

Info line for details and address: 415.963.3555

Line Up:
Fine Cut Bodies- Budapest
(Chi Recordings/Record Records/Moving Target/FineCutBodies.com)
Aaron Jae (Evil Breaks, Space Cowboys) Vs BAM (Evil Breaks) vs MOD (Evil Breaks)
Mozaic (Raindance/Nexus)
Syd Gris (Opel, Opulent Temple)
JD (False Profit)
Robb Green (Shameless)
Ernie Trevino (Space Cowboys)
U9lift (Ben Maybe/House of Lotus/Additech)
Cumulus (Word-of-Mouth/SF)
Lotus Drops (Street Ritual)
Siren (Space Island/SF)
Chillout door area courtesy of Ambient Mafia
MC Boomerang Fidget (Live/Hatfyr)
Seventh Swami (Live/Stilldream)
Redstick Man (FNF)
Peek (Below Zero)
Shane (FNF)
Harken vs Hallucid (The lag/Butterzone)
Drop (Butterzone)


Hot off the press!!!

Our new methanol mister effect has been successfully tested in an updated format and we are moving on to implement it and we are also nearing completion of the actuated liquid shooters.  GO PLUMBERS GO.  This is EXCITING.