Getting Ready for Robodock and EDC

While we bill ourselves as a collective of metal/fire artists, the true vision of Flaming Lotus Girls has always really been… WORLD DOMINATION.


RosaAnna takes stock of plumbing

To fulfill our ambitious quest, we’re bringing sculptures to two simultaneous events this June, Robodock and the Electric Daisy Carnival.


Babs, Michelle and Lou brainstorm a packing list, then scour the tool shed for grinders, wrenches and caution tape.

Robodock happens in Amsterdam, and we’re showing the Angel of the Apocalypse.

We just refurbished her for a show in Toronto two winters ago, and except for some minor electrical conversions and plumbing/metal inspections, she’s pretty much ready to go.

Which is suuuuuure good news, cause she ships in five days.


JDV regulates regulators.

We’ll do her final touch-ups on-site. Fortunately, when you’re as far north as Amsterdam, the early June sun rises at 5:20a and sets at 10:00p, so at least we’ll have daylight to work in.


Meanwhile, our fabulous Serpent Mother will be traveling to Las Vegas for EDC. We have a bit more work to do on her to bring her up to speed, but fortunately we have a few weeks until she ships. More updates on her progress as we complete things…


testing the Serpent electrical boxes


no way

We even had a very rare-of-late in-shop appearance from Kitty Wrangler Extrordinaire, Mills!


still life with helmets

Holy crap, you guys. The build season insanity is upon us.


Early predictions for the next 6 weeks: hard work and good times.

A Friend still in Amsterdam

As we return from our adventures in Amsterdam, return to this time zone, think about what is next, and attend to things put on the back burner, we are still thinking of our colleague from SRL that still remains behind. Todd Blair is still recovering in Amsterdam and is being attended by friends and family. Please keep up to date with his progress After a few harrowing weeks finally the fever is subsiding, eyes are opening, and fingers are moving. He has a long road ahead, but many amazing people around him to help.

Love and Recovery kisses,
The Flaming Lotus Girls


A Picture of Todd Taking by our Friend Dafna Levy

Pretty pictures by Lynn

For an insider look at what happened on our adventures in Amsterdam at the Robodock Festival take a look at some visuals from Shutterbug Lotus Girl Lynn:

Photo essay from Lynn leading up to Robodock.

Love and Jetlagged kisses,
Your Flaming Lotus Girls


Thank you Youtube

From the Youtube world:

An edited Robodock clip:

The last egg show on Saturday night Mike on the Wiieeeeee and Jess on the Egg Buttons: 

Another compilation:

Opening day: