denise & robin rock it on InnerSPACE!

check out this totally rad video about the angel in toronto featuring our very own denise and robin. this rocks. definitely one of the best showcases of the angel yet! enjoy it here!

Soma Lite at DO IT FOR HAITI!

Soma Lite by Matthew Silvey

This coming Saturday, February 20th, join the Flaming Lotus Girls and countless other Bay Area artists, musicians and performers at DO IT FOR HAITI: A Monumental Benefit & Clothing Drive. NIMBY, our favorite DIY industrial art space, is our host from 2 pm to Midnight on Saturday. From their site:

“DO IT FOR HAITI” offers a staggering roster of performers and a unique opportunity to support Haiti relief efforts, learn first hand about local organizations working in Haiti and get involved with organizations making a difference on the ground. Events will feature performances and live music including socially relevant theater, Afro-Haitian music and dance, monumental sculpture and art events for children.

FLG will be bringing you Soma Lite for your pleasure. Last seen at San Francisco’s Decompression, Soma Lite is a pared down version of the full 2009 Soma sculpture. Come down and support relief work and connect with community this weekend. I think we all could use a little of that right about now.



great article about FLG in toronto!

featuring the lovely Sandy Schaller front and center! the kitties had a blast lighting up Toronto. Check it out! “From Desert to Urban Tundra”


The road to putting our work in the heart of Toronto was not an easy one.  We had many hoops to jump through.  And at many points we weren’t sure it was going to happen.  But as said many times before “Never Tell a Flaming Lotus Girl No. ” We are just stubborn enough to try and convince you, that yes, you should let us set fire to a large bird in front of City Hall and let people interact with it.  This time we had a few friends and staff from the City of Toronto and Superior Propane helping us with the convincing.  We would not have been able to pull this installation off without their help and stubbornness!  FLG are lucky to have the support we do. Making fire happen in Toronto took a community of savvy visionaries to pull off this feat.

As evidence, of our Toronto triumph posted is a picture of Mills and Marvin, the TSSA agent who wasn’t sure about us at first, but in the end also helped make this happen.

After the TSSA approval we were finally able to open the display to the public.  The opening night was wonderful and we were joined by Dave X and Propaniac, who were in town for a Flame Effects for the Artist class.  As an added cheery on top Friday evening ended with a spectacular fireworks display by Circus Orange. Even Dave X enjoyed it and he is picky about his fireworks!

Many thanks and kisses to the City Staff who helped, especially, Matt, Kerri and Julian, Reg and Rob from Superior Propane, Jim Roberts who helped translate for the TSSA, and Dominic from Process Instruments for getting us valves at the last minute!

We will catch you up with more pictures later tonight.

love and kisses,
Your Flaming Lotus Girls


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