Landing in Toronto

The future home of the Angel

We have made it!

Well at least two of us have, we are here in Toronto, awaiting the arrival of the crew and truck.

The next week in Toronto will be a flurry of FLG activity, in the heart of the city.  We will be working hard in Nathan Phillips Square, in front of City hall to install the Angel of the Apocalypse.  It is true, your our favorite mavens of accelerants will be installing the Angel for its Canadian debut…….and we couldn’t be happier.

The City of Toronto staff have taken on quite a challenge displaying a major piece of fire art in the middle of a metropolitan area.  What an amazing crew of people they are, tenacious and stubborn; just like us no wonder we like them so much!  This has not been an easy road to negotiate with local authorities, but we are nearly there and have met some wonderful people along the way.

Our Canadian Valve Heros!

Today we were able to meet the some of the city staff we have been working with: Matt, Kerri, Amy, and Chris. Great people. As well we had lunch with Dominic (who’s birthday is today) and Christina, from Process Instruments And Components Inc, who helped source the Canadian approved valves that we needed! Hopefully they will both be joining us later this week to be overwhelmed by the full FLG love assault.  Many fiery kisses go out to the support they have given us.

And if that weren’t all the super crew from Superior Propane installed our pipe today and boy, oh, boy was Mills happy!  Reg, from Superior, caught us upstairs checking out the plumbing artistry.

We are soon off to bed to get ready for the day of truck unloading ahead.  We will update you tomorrow.

love and fiery kiss,
Your Flaming Lotus Girls from Toronto

dust & illusions in toronto

So the Flaming Lotus Girls will be in Toronto for the WinterCity Festival from Jan 28th till Feb 7th. It takes a lot of effort to pull off such a show. The Angel of the Apocalypse, which will be presented in Toronto, was first constructed in 2005 for Burning Man. To understand better the cultural background in which such sculptures are created and made possible, come and see Dust & Illusions, a new documentary about the event that features the Flaming Lotus Girls and will be playing at Bloor Cinema on Feb 3rd.

Dust & Illusions explores 30 years of Burning Man history. From the small gathering on the beach in San Francisco, Burning Man has become the largest Art Festival in North America, featuring works by groups like the Flaming Lotus Girls. The director, Olivier Bonin, has been part of the group since 2004. Through his work with the group at the Boxshop, a hub for Burning Man artists, Bonin unveiled layers of history of the San Francisco phenomenon and crafted a documentary that reveals a story of the difficulties of building community and making change in the world today.  Dust & Illusions is the perfect companion piece to give the audience of WinterCity a much deeper understanding of what the Flaming Lotus Girls represent and what it takes to create such marvelous sculptures. 

Dust & Illusions first showed in Canada in Vancouver and was the largest show so far with 600 people who came to see the film there!! Now the film will be showing in Toronto on Feb 3rd, Calgary on Jan 28th and Montréal on Feb 4th. Director Olivier Bonin will be there for Q&A, and will remain in Toronto for the WinterCity Festival!

Get Tickets Now. $8/$12 online. $15/20 door.
Facebook Dust & IllusionsEvent. Invite 200+ people from Toronto on facebook and get 1 FREE TICKET…

Synopsis | Trailers | Other Screenings | Reviews 

THE MAN IN 1987 on the beach of SAN FRANCISCO

THE MAN IN 2004 on the Black Rock Desert


Flaming Lotus Girls: the best of Burning Man today

Flaming Lotus Girl video podcast!

thanks to the wonderful work of a team of students from Expression College, we’ve got ourselves a shiny new video podcast!

for the past couple of months, Andrew Bauer, Patrick Krier, Kate McAlpine, and Skye X have been working on this video documentary for a course assignment. they braved the screeching of grinders and the flying of sparks to record interviews, shoot footage at the box shop and mingle among the many Lotus Girls who have been hard at work on the Angel of the Apocalypse (which is being loaded onto the truck as I write!).

when asked via IM why they chose us as their focus, Andrew’s answer was easy: “We chose fire sculpture because who doesn’t like to watch things blow up?” Indeed. I know it’s why I keep coming back.

See it for yourself on CurrentTV or watch it below!

And come out to see the Flaming Lotus Girls at the WinterCity Festival in Toronto January 29 – February 11, 2010!



angel, angel, angel!

Babs & the body

Sparks are FLYING down at the Box Shop as we make our final push to finish the Angel… She ships in 3 days, and we are right on top of our schedule!

It’s been feeling like late August around here lately, with that familiar sprint-to-the-finish rush we all know and love just before we ship our piece to the playa for Burning Man. Hooray for the tangible excitement of dozens of fabricators, geeks, planners, plumbers, floozies and more all scurrying all around the place.

But there are a few major differences to this shipping deadline: it’s chilly, and the sun sets by 5. We’re on the other side of the solstice. We’re shopping for insulated coveralls, wool socks and gloves.

JDV, Margaret & fire

And except for the exasperation of meeting a comically long list of TSSA international shipping regulations, weare not freaking out. Not in that bad way. We were even sweeping the floor and collecting empty beer bottles on Sunday night. That is how on point we are: having time at the end of the day to clean.

We’re also feasting on delicious food, trying on silly hats, and hanging upside-down from the Body by our knees: see Matt’s pictures of our last two work days here and here.

Lou & Robin with Tom's Bell!

The original Angel had a bell in her chest, and so will thisversion. We chose one of Tom Kennedy’s lovely bells, buffed its exterior and will be clear-coating it to preserve its gorgeous shine. We left the edges of the holes in their slightly rusty glory, so as to include Tom’s touch. Lou, hugging the bell, will make a clapper, and it will be ready to ring.

Another indication that we’re so far beyond our typical panic crunch: we’re so good, we can *practice* packing.  Tonight, we put all 16 feathers, large and small, into their racks. Then we all cheered and congratulated ourselves for the clever design. We just removed them for finishing touches. The racks are being painted right now in the box shop: screaming FLG red.

The Flaming Lotus Girls have the best racks.

update 1/13/09: For those of you in the vicinity of Toronto, come check out our hard work in person at the WinterCity Festival! We’ll be running our fire every night; check out the schedule and come get toasty, and laugh at us poor, soft northern Californians as we jump up and down in insulated Carhartt coveralls keep from freezing.




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