Day 2 of the EDC Soma Build!

we just got home from Day 2 of Electric Daisy Carnival build! yesterday we got off to a delayed start, and without our charms, connections and charismatic swaying powers we might still be way behind schedule… but fortunately we have a crack team and some great friends down here, namely those who could lend us a crane plus an operator to hoist the axon into place (thanks, Dan, Fix It, and Margaret!).

Photo by Margaret Long

we’re building Soma on a grassy lawn right in front of the LA Memorial Coliseum, which hosted the Olympics in ’32 and ’84. they’re extremely particular about the health of their grass, and we’ve had to cover the ground with giant sheets of plywood in order to drive any equipment around. they’ve also lined huge areas with tall metal fences, and rerouted delivery traffic, including the propane delivery truck. this photo is our 500 gallon propane tank being hoisted up and over a fence into our installation area. hooray propane fairy.

Photo by John DeVenezia

but despite the restrictions, we’re having a fun time busting ass to get our art up in the air. and there is nothing as gratifying as scrubbing your whole body with Gojo at the end of the day. tomorrow we’ll be set up the fuel depot, hook up the plumbing and electronics, then do lots and lots of testing. another busy day before the event starts! For more about Electric Daisy Carnival, go here!

— Denise

lotus girls are LA bound!

Photo by Matt Silvey

the FLGs are excited to be heading down to beautiful, sunny Los Angeles next week to begin setting up SOMA for the Electric Daisy Carnival! we just set it all up for Maker Faire a month ago, so we’re looking forward to a smooth build.

we’ll be there during the week before the event, putting up SOMA at Exposition Park and Memorial Colloseum in downtown LA, and kicking ass all over the area. the festival takes place Friday June 25 and Saturday the 26th, over 5 stages of music. get your tickets and come check this party out!


oooh! pretty slo-mo soma video!

so many good folks shot some amazing footage of Soma this weekend at Maker Faire.  We’ll be posting more photos and videos soon.  Here’s are two  gorgeous slow motion videos of the lower nucleus filmed by Mark Caldwell.  thanks, Mark!

fun soma facts!

© 2009 Michi Catanese

In case you were curious, here are some fun Soma facts!

  • Total number of pentagons: 48
  • Total number of dendrites : 35
  • Total linear feet of stainless steel: 1500 feet
  • Gallons of propane burned per hour of performance: 100 gallons per hour
  • Build time: 4 months (May-August 2009)

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