FLG at New Bohemia NYE party


Earlier in the night, before the crowds descended… Merope is lit to match the mystique and glamour of the night.

There was plenty of hype ahead of the decadent New Years Eve party at the Armory this past week: New Bohemia NYE delivered a long night of glamorous entertainment to celebrate 2014, and we were excited to contribute our star Merope to the party.

The event featured circus acts and incredible costumes, aerialists and DJs, burlesque dancers and live painters, steel play structures, acrobats and absinthe purveyors; the whole night was a resounding success of a party. The building itself, the Armory, is the towering castle-like structure known to many as the home of Kink.com, an adult entertainment video production house — a far cry from its former life as a National Guard facility! It’s a truly impressive facility: palatial rooms with distant ceilings, sweeping curtains, regal decor. (You can take a tour!)

Happy 2014 from the Flaming Lotus Girls!

FLG rocks EDC

A tight crew of neuron-wranglers built Soma this past week, to dazzle the crowds at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Here they are after the first long night of work, sooty and triumphant.Image

But we know how to get clean in style: Gojo in personalized squirty-tubes, of course.Image

In classic maker fashion, the sculpture gave her creators a few problems during setup; the poofers weren’t cooperating, and the LEDs weren’t in perfect working order straight out of the box. It’s been a few years since we ran this piece. But our determined crew refused to quit until her systems were in working order, which was a heroic feat. Here’s the axon throwing a celebratory fireball into the sky.


As you can see from these shots, our rockstars pulled it all together and got Soma in gorgeous, functioning order: nuclei spinning fire, LEDs pulsing, and balls of flaming gas floating over the crowd.


Here’s how good the sculpture looked during the fireworks show.Image

Soma in the desert dawn makes a good sunrise look even better.Image

Some of our crew, sporting their EDC Soma shirts, and basking in the glow of success. Even the flamingo looks happy.Image

FLG interviewed on Ignite.Me!

FLG got interviewed on Ignite.Me!

Ignite Me is an inspirational blog featuring groundbreaking artists — visual, audio and otherwise — and their terrific projects and creations. FLG is humbled to be featured on their site, with an interview with one of our founders, Pouneh Mortazavi. Have a look at some money shots of our sculptures in action, and read Pouneh’s accounts of the fuels we use, how we fund our work, and what it feels like to see the finished product!

Taking Stock of the Serpent

We were busy at the shop again this weekend, cracking open the Serpent Mother container and taking stock of all her guts. The Serpent will be at the Electric Daisy Carnival next month, and we have some system testing to do and some minor improvements to make.

The view from Lorah's second story container... cloudless skies over the Bay. The Serpent's egg is in the left foreground, next to WAVE.

Anthony forks while Margaret wrestles a vertebra section off its rack.

Sooz takes stock of various serpentine items.

On Saturday we pulled out the racks of snake-parts and snake-accessories and gave them a visual check. There is at least one suspicious weld we’ll redo. Minor primping includes scrubbing the stainless steel vertebrae with Simple Green, but that we will do on-site.

Before we leave, however, we’ll be adapting the hydraulic system that recently ran Charlie Gadeken’s WAVE, and using it to drive the Serpent. WAVE made its debut at Coachella last month, featuring mechanical design by engineers Mike Prados and Ray Sykes. They’ll be refitting our snakey with the same system.

Tad forklifts the disembodied head of the Serpent out of the container. You can see her right eye socket and nostrils from this angle. Creepy.

WAVE, waving, at Coachella 2012. Photo by Mike Prados, who photographed the sculpture and took some lovely video capturing its motion.

Meanwhile, in electronics, we’ll be rebuilding two control boxes that steer the Serpent’s jaw and neck motion. Heated, technical discussions are underway about building a schmancy analog joystick controller for the head to go with the schmancy analog valves. Thrilling photos from the Geek Suite to come…