FLG interviewed on Ignite.Me!

FLG got interviewed on Ignite.Me!

Ignite Me is an inspirational blog featuring groundbreaking artists — visual, audio and otherwise — and their terrific projects and creations. FLG is humbled to be featured on their site, with an interview with one of our founders, Pouneh Mortazavi. Have a look at some money shots of our sculptures in action, and read Pouneh’s accounts of the fuels we use, how we fund our work, and what it feels like to see the finished product!

FLG as Artists and Photographers

Sarah, a lovely member of the FLG crew who joined us for the Robodock festivities is helping others visualize Amsterdam. Her photo of the Serpent at this years Festival is part of Schmap’s New Amsterdam Guide.

You also might have seen or could have seen one of Sarah’s lovely photos at our Lipstick Kisses Fundraiser last night at Somarts. You could have been the lucky person to purchase and now own her work if you were savvy enough to win the bid for her image. If not hopefully you won another beautiful image. There were many images and photographers to chose from if you were one of the smart ones who attended the event.

Thanks to all who came, who bid, and continue to support our World Touring efforts. We cannot do it with out you.

I know you didn’t come just because our new calendar is finally out, did you? Well if you did who can blame you. If you haven’t seen it you are missing out! It is the sexiest gift to give this year! www.serpentmother.com/calendar

The Girls return from Oz

JDV, Marlies, and I have landed. Jet-Lagged, but excited to see all the FLG soon.

We left Chalie and Poon to wander New Zealand. And Oona went into the desert with the Dead Chickens (those stories should be very interesting!)

We spent the last night with some of the other Muck-a-Mucks for a farewell dinner in celebration of Mizpoons birthday.

We were very fortunate to be able to work with these other talented artists down here, and hopefully we can persuade them to come to the Bay Area and visit, soon.

And while we were slothing about in Australia the other FLG have been working like mad here on upcoming projects. Stay tuned for more from our daily lives here in the Box Shop.

Final Show

Final show. And it is damn hot here. Adilade was a bit easier on us hand catastrophe wise (and now that the show is over I can say that without jinxing our show). Well I’m lying a little here but our visions of the hand toppling over into the audience as it was firing were only fantasies after some genius rigging work from Charlie. rigging.jpg(The crane operator from Sydney did in some of the Hands structural integrity but as said before it is hard to keep a Lotus Girl down. And besides there is some great work to do when we get home). Adilade as a venue was easy, great site promoters kept it flowing. And there were pinball machines again, and wild animals (not the crowd, but real Australia wildlife for us to interact with).


The shows went well, JDV finally got to work some magic at the buttons, while Oona was working the tanks with Poon. The final show got cut a little short. adilaide_teal.jpgThe show promoters kept the lights off only while their was no less than 5 secs between blast, and a little fire on the hand let them turn the lights on (but in all the shows that is the first fire we have had, the funky kerosene in Adilade was hard to predict how to mix up properly). We wanted to go out in a blaze of glory but went out in a cloud of CO2. The shows defiantly got better by the end garnering the complements of both show promoters. One promoter Vivian said after seeing the Hand in Melbourne “Now that is true rock n’ roll.” We hope we have done all of you Girls back home proud. It was hard not to have a whole swarm of us here together, but we hope doing the work we did here will provide more opportunities for all of us to show our work around the world.