Pulse on playa!


Andrea assembling the aorta. photo by Amanda S

Emerging from the massive construction zone that is Black Rock City 2016, the
character of our city is nearing its final form. As the city population grows by the thousands every day, even before the gates open, the throngs of people are decorating their mutant vehicles, assembling their theme camp facades, and building up their crazy and beautiful art pieces.

Here’s ours, still under construction, at the 3:00 Plaza.


photo by Amanda S

See you when you get here!!

Tonight’s fire test…

… was a gorgeous success.


photo by Sophie

pulse fire test Bethany.jpg

photo by Bethany


Final push before we leave!

Oh, why hello, mid-August. Here you are again, with your familiar flurry of activity, anxious list-making, hardware store errands, late nights in the shop, wild productivity, intense social bonding, crazy solution proposals, and blinding sprint-to-the-finish that is Load Out Day… Mid-August is like its own unique season.

Four images of our own heart-pounding progress:


photo by Jackie


photo by Jackie


photo by Amanda


meanwhile, up in the Geek Shack…   photo by Gabi

Finishing touches this week! We’re soldering alveoli, cladding the atria in copper, finishing up some details on the pulmonary artery, custom-fitting the aortic arch with rings, packing all the plumbing inside, and fabbing the Pulse Pods.

Fire testing tomorrow night! Load out Friday. Holy crap we’re almost there.

Support the exquisite Roshanai!

What a gift to come from such a talented and active community of industrial artists. Our own Charlie Gadeken is building the elegant temple Roshanai for Burning Man 2016.

Roshanai, Farsi for “illuminate,” is a gorgeous and highly detailed structure designed in the style of Islamic mathematical art. Charlie writes, “I hope to foster appreciation for the beauty of this ancient and diverse culture, and thereby do my small part to counter the racist propaganda.”

If this project is fully funded, it will be permanently installed in the Nevada desert, so that we can visit it all year long. Fitting, because the powerful message of unity over hatred is no match for the impermanence of temporary art.

Not only has Charlie been a Flaming Lotus Girl since Day One, he runs one of the last collaborative artist workshops in San Francisco – our wonderful home The Box Shop. Charlie’s been creating exquisite sculptures for over three decades, and a project like this in his hands will be absolutely stunning.

Support Roshanai here!


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