Praise for SOMA as a Good Spot to Hang Out

Broke-Ass Stuart tips his hat to our sculpture Soma, whose surrounding cement benches, cedar decking, and gorgeous night-lights backdrop make it an ideal place to chill in the great urban outdoors.

nan palmero soma

photo by Nan Palmero

Time-lapse of the Soma build

How to install a sculpture in about 90 seconds:

Big thanks to Karen Agresti, Greg Armstrong, Hayden and crew for their work filming this!

FLG TEDx Talk: How Big Art is Made in a Do-ocracy

Bethany, Crystin and Denise spoke at TEDx Constitution Drive last month, and the video was just published! Here is our story of how FLG uses the structural model of Do-ocracy, and how we make it work for us!

Fireworks through Soma

There was a mayoral conference here in SF last weekend, and FLG’s very own pyrotechnician Dave X was on the crew that handled the celebratory fireworks. They were shot off about 200 yards off Pier 14, right behind our sculpture Soma.

photo by Ted

photo by Ted


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