“I thought an art gallery was just pictures on the wall.”

The title of this post was overheard by FLG Colinne, and was uttered by a young kid taking in some select Burning Man art pieces. We’d like to think we’re helping dispel this myth of art being a spectator experience.

We are thrilled to be part of a larger exhibit at the Renwick Art Gallery, one of the nationally-adored Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC. The exhibit is called No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man and it is currently occupying the entire Renwick and spilling out into the surrounding neighborhood.

FLG has installed art on many continents and domestically at Burning Man many many times, and now we are a part of the hallowed halls of what is considered by many to be the national museum of America. We initially suggested they allow us install the Serpent Mother on the Capitol Mall grounds… can you SEE it? A giant coiled snake, parked on the lawn, hot flames reflecting off the surface of the Washington Monument? Yeah they said no. So it looks more like this:


photo by Rhiannon

There is a video of our work in the upstairs of the gallery. The Serpent Mother is displayed in 2D video form, featured between a room showcasing David Best’s temples, and an area with a Burning Man model, with gongs reminiscent of the Temple from 2013.


photo by Rhiannon M

We’re in good company in this exhibit, and it’s all laid out similar to the orientation of Black Rock City. If you find yourself in Washington, DC, come check this exhibit out.

Some of our lovely FLGs traveled to Washington, DC, to attend the opening events, celebrate our inclusion in this exhibit, see the gallery, make some noise, generally doing the things we do best. Donning our signature hard hats and assorted FLG shwag, we invaded like a pink army.


photo by Colinne

We hung out with other artists and got to see who else from our community was on display there. We took the walking tour as well, to check out the displays outside of the gallery.


Jack Champion’s raven sculptures, “Untitled,” were very popular with us. Largely because we were so curious about how they were built. photo by Colinne H

There was an amazing lack of playa dust, but we bring it in our souls. The exhibit runs until January 2019, but if you want to see some of the exterior exhibits you will need to get there before September. Come be a part of our history.


photo by Colinne H


Lowen in the grip of boredom, Josh in the grip of Lowen. photo by Rhiannon M

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