A day of rest/recovery, then strike begins…

We got a little mention from ABC news here, talking about how Snakey was a crowd favorite. And the Sydney Herald wrote a nice article about White Night, featuring a sweet image of the Serpent.

A few more pics of the show:

joshy from the roof

A nice minimalist shot from the rooftop. photo by Josh

methanol shot mills

A view from the fuel depot of this triple methanol shot, with Denise and Marisa in proximity suits on egg shooter duty. This was from the show we did for the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. photo by Mills.

slinky lights the spine mills

Slinky lights the spine. photo by Mills

diesel shot mills

Diesel shot at dawn, after the longest night ever. photo by Milli

jt mills

This is JT, our production contact. He spent a lot of time on site with us, and we folded him into our socializing plans. One time after a particularly awesome night of partying, JT crashed out on our couch, and got renamed “Couch Roadie.” Hats off to you, friend, for enduring our company and supporting our build! photo by Mills

We spent yesterday in recovery mode after our marathon shift on Saturday night. Most of us started the day in the early afternoon and by the evening we were all gathered up again for a social gathering with the organizer liason folks who helped make our trip possible. And today we were right back at it, on site at 7am to strike the snake.


Mills and Denise team-torquing on a pipe, Carolyn massaging electrons, Slinky singing love songs to the manifold, Margaret whispering dirty things to the nitrogen tanks in the fuel depot. photo by Diane.

marisa by mills

Marisa secures the sling to a vertebrae section, while Margaret steadies the ladder. photo by Mills

all crew

Crew shot! In the blue hat on the left is Shaye, our site manager. Couch Roadie is holding our White Night site marker. And your Melbourne Snake crew from L to R atop the propane tank: Diane, Ted, Denise, Mills, Sam with the ears, Milli. Ground row: Slinky, Marisa, Margaret, Xa, Carolyn and Steve with the flamingo, our newest crew member. There are 5 people flexing with pipe wrenches in this photo, can you find them all?

permit mills

Mills and Margaret mugging with the AGA permits, which allow us to run our sculpture. Margaret is holding a special trophy that she earned for her undying efforts in answering hundreds of technical plumbing questions, in the weeks leading up to our trip. Did you know that Gmail batches email conversations by the hundreds? Bravo, Margaret.

in compliance mills

Mills and Margaret pointing at our safety sticker on our trusty vaporizer Joulie. photo by Mills


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  1. Fergus Bourke

     /  June 18, 2020

    My Name is Fergus, I live in Vallejo, I have parts for you, I also design, build, and program data acquisition and control systems.


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