Twelve hour marathon show: White Night Melbourne, 2018

Friends, it is nearly 7am Melbourne time, and your humble author has absolutely no business still being awake. Our heroic final shift is wrapping up the last shot of the night as I type this — our final line-cleansing diesel shot. Here are some images that summarize the last 2 days. There will be more, better ones in the days to come, but the short version is that we CRUSHED IT. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull even turned up, and took a front row spot to watch our 2nd methanol shot of the night.

margaret fills vessel

Margaret fills the big pressure vessel.

Despite some weird unforeseen problems here and there, we met every challenge with some sort of solution, and they very nearly all WORKED! The people of Melbourne thoroughly enjoyed pushing the buttons, driving the head, and gawking at the brilliant methanol shots. And from the fuel depot, despite a few weird hiccups, we had a damn blast.

steve h diesel

Steve H got this nice pic of a clean, strong diesel shot.

diesel shot ted 2

Ted took this chaotic photo from the fuel depot, atop the scaffolding for our pressure vessel.

black diesel

This black plume of death triggered the particulate smoke detectors at the Melbourne Museum. So even though we’d called the Fire Brigade ahead of time to warn them, they still had to come out for this little mess we caused. Ugh. Sssssssorry everybody.

dielsel shot ted

Plume of death. photo by Ted.

michael m* diesel shot

Michael Matione emailed us with this amazing pic of the huge diesel plume we caused from our daytime shots. Damn we made a little mess here.

fire trucks s

Not one, but two (2) fire trucks.

fire trucks

Fire brigade, on site. Sorry about that, guys.

so safe

We are IN COMPLIANCE and safe af.

fire brigade

Members of the Melbourne Fire Brigade chatting about controlled burns, in front of our yellow container which held all our methanol and diesel.

We enjoyed the entirety of Saturday off, to rest up ahead of our 6:30p call time. According to FLG historians, twelve hours is the longest continuous show we’ve ever done. This is an incomplete version of how it looked — as folks share more images with me in the coming days, I will add them too.


The White Night folks were able to bring a small group of us up onto the roof of the building across from the museum, where Denise got this pic of Snakey shooting methanol.

frozen tank

We froze our gigantor 4200L liquid propane tank. This is a first for us. Ohhhh physics, why you even gotta.

wet ground

In an attempt to unfreeze our big propane tank, we spent a while hosing it down with water. It made a biiiig muddy mess, and it made us miss our adventures in Calgary.


More to come. First tho… sleep.

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  1. Why don’t you use some of that heat you create to warm up the freezing tank?


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