The build continues smoothly…

We are water-testing our lines right now, while your humble author hides from the searing, ozone-less sunshine and contemplates her own jet-lagged mortality. But those members of our crew with stronger constitution are making solid progress, and we are right on schedule. Here are some pix:


A few of our vertebral poofers needed repair, so part of Tuesday morning went to brushing out ptfe tape and swapping out sheared-off streets.


Using this rad butane-powered soldering iron, Denise repairs a poofer apparatus whose cable got destroyed in transit. photo by Ted


Xa and Slinky run the LPG hose along the spine.


Lex and Xa couple pipe.


Xa and Margaret join the schedule 80 pipe that brings the fuel from our depot out to the Snake.


Sam stares down the jaw, and ponders the nature of man versus beast. photo by Ted


Bolting the head into place is an all-hands job.


Per the Australian safety authorities, Sam installs a special drop bear alarm system module into the Serpent’s upper jaw.


Hooray for the ball valve farm! Here is where we sort out all the hoses that come into Snakey’s spine. photo by our local Melbourne-based FLG Steph


Ted and Margaret wiggle the egg shooter apparatus into place. photo by Steph


One of the last things we do is attach the inside-halves of the vertebrae. You can see them placed all along the ground — they don’t get bolted on until all the propane and electronics have passed leak- and click-testing. photo by Steph

And here are some random things:


… sure.


This sticker, on the back of the VR — er sorry, telehandler. ell oh ell. y’all quirky here.


These are soy sauce packets. Far better than those rectangular pouches that are difficult to open and drizzle everywhere, these little plastic fishes are far easier to dispense, and WAY cuter!

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