The build begins…

We were on site before the sun came up, jet lag be damned. We made a lot of good progress today, and the weather was cooperative, hooray for that! And we bolted together the vertebrae sections from #1 all the way up to #18, which is a tie for our best record in a single day. Here’s the summary, in photos:


Dropping the container on site as the sun comes up…


Mills breaking into our container — during transit, they put a tamper seal on it. It didn’t take us too long to defeat this obstacle.


Mills and Margaret, cheesing in front of our build site at the Melbourne Museum.


Removing the egg from the container, while Sam staggers away from a near-collision with a drop bear. THEY’RE OUT HERE.


This is a VR handing off the head rack to a fork lift, all while doing a complicated dance amidst the trees by the build site.


We love flow charts.


Splitting the head rack to access the ladder parts.


Love notes from our past selves.


Surveying from the egg to the fuel depot.


We start at the egg and spiral the tail outwards. Here is where the vertebrae rises up off the ground.


“Persuading” the vertebrae outwards with the VR.




Meanwhile, Marisa discovered our initials already adorn a wall here on Flinders Lane in the Central Business District…

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