On the ground in Melbourne!

Greetings from Melbourne, where nearly all of our crew have arrived and cruised through customs and are currently in various states of jet lag. Several of us got here a couple days ago, and met with White Night event coordinators about logistics stuff like verifying equipment access, finalizing our build schedule, etc. Tomorrow morning at 7am sharp, we begin the process of unloading the container, arranging things in strategic piles, and assembling this snake.

Due to the container shipping schedule, we kept some of the electronics modules at home with us so we could rework and retest it all. That meant we had to carry it along with us in our checked baggage. Fortunately no one’s bags were lost in transit (whew) and everything arrived with no trouble.

still life

This is a still life of various dodgy-looking items we had to bring in our checked baggage.

carolyn note

Carolyn penned a lovely note to the customs folks, and even included a tool for opening the box!


Most of our crew, plus some local friends — shoutout to Lex and Corey, our homies from Burning Man DPW. Here we are enjoying the late evening sun after a delicious barbeque. Rock solid way to close out our first day before the build begins.

Now, to focus on not falling asleep until 9pm at the earliest, so we can get on Melbourne time, UTC+10:00!

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