Wrapping up Beakerhead

We had an absolute blast during our 5-day run shooting fire into the sky up here at Beakerhead. The shows went smoothly, our crew was tight, and the people of Calgary LOVED IT.


Maybe these ladies are future BLGs…? photo by John S

The Beakerhead staff photographers got some truly amazing shots of Snakey in this amazing photoset; have a gander.


We shot four times on Beakernight, the biggest night of the event. This pic was taken from the basket of a crane, over 200 feet in the air! photo by Penny Breedon


Mills mugging for the camera, right before our first egg shot of the night. photo by Denise


A triple-shot of methanol during our last shooter show on Beakernight. photo by Mills

We closed out Sunday evening with a very special show — our very own FLG Elyse L. got married in a gorgeous ceremony right at the base of the Serpent! She and her new hubby originally met at Burning Man in 2015, the year the Serpent returned to playa.


A few minutes before they exchanged vows, the newlyweds shot diesel fuel out of the egg. photo by Denise


The wedding as seen from the fuel depot. photo by Denise

Before we even left site on Sunday, we were well on our way into strike. Taking things apart goes so much faster than building things up, and our powerhouse crew should have the snake back in the box by Tuesday.

We have so many people to thank for helping us make this show so special. The Beakerhead staff and production crew were incredibly supportive and made our time here an absolute treat.

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