Inclement weather makes for lovely Snakescapes

Tonight is Beakernight, the biggest night of the event, and we have a long night ahead of us! But here is a quick post to fill in the last few days.


At least the rain and hail yielded a rainbow for us! photo by Robin


Paul from the BLGs got this great sunset shot.


Crystin and the Serpent showing off their pearly whites and metallic fangs, respectively. photo by Denise


the front page of the free daily paper. photo by Denise


largest in the WORLD, you guys… photo by Denise


Beakerhead has over a dozen interactive stations located all over the city, so a bunch of us went for a walk to try to find them. This one is The Claw, where three people work together to control a giant gripper that grasps, lifts and deposits big bags into a collection area. Ted is on the X axis and Andrea is on the Y axis, while Hethur and Margaret cheer them on. photo by Denise


Mike Prados is the FLG mechanical engineering hero whose expertise guided the original design on the Serpent Mother. He was invited by the Engineering Department of the University of Calgary to give a talk about how his career has developed since his undergraduate days. photo by Denise


After the lecture, Mike chatted with curious engineering students about the nuances of spherical robots. photo by Denise


Margaret shining up the large pressure vessel during the daytime show. photo by Denise

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