ok folks, set humor to low-brow… and check out our HOT PINK BOXES!

In the early days of FLG, we used to use these metal ammo cans in our sculptures to house electronics.


But in the 11 years since the Serpent was born, we’ve had to open them up and dig around in them to fix stuff enough times that we’re ready to upgrade to an easier layout/configuration. Maybe something that’s more environment-proof. In subsequent sculptures we’ve been using Pelican cases, and more recently a similar brand called Seahorse boxes. Since we’re redoing all of Snakey’s electronics, it was time to source some new relay boxes.

A quick Amazon search yielded our replacement items; we knew it instantly when we saw the picture. We were so excited, we could only communicate in frantic pointing and yelping. When they arrived in the mail, they came in this packaging:


extreeeeeme happiness? that’s a tall promise… photo by Denise



holy, fucking, shit. photo by Denise

We set to work carving out their side walls to house our panel mount connectors.


Margaret’s socks and Robyn’s nail polish match our new relay boxes, and the universe is in perfect harmony. photo by Ted

PINK BOXES YOU GUYS.  It’s like they KNEW. Come see the Serpent Mother at Beakerhead this September and you too will know our glee.

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