Busy times in the shop…

Yup, it’s that season again. Come down to the Box Shop on any given night and witness the insanity of crunch-time productivity as different crews are working on their art cars, sculptures, tricked-out bicycles… you name it.

Actually, you don’t even need physically be in it to feel it — step away from your email for 2 hours, and you’ll return to find dozens — and I wish I were exaggerating — of messages. Requests for a ride to the shop this evening, announcements about where we’re at on this part of the sculpture, pleas for picking up an additional item (or seven) on your next run to the hardware store… And of course, all-caps reminders that we need all hands, /your/ hands, down at the shop, yes tonight, yes every night.

We had a fabulous time at SPARC last weekend, with a write-up of the day here: http://www.g33k-hq.com/uncategorized/imprint-city-presents-bayview-sparc/


Merope on fire! photo by Gregg

Meanwhile, Noetica progress continues at an increasingly productive and frantic pace!


heated discussions about minutia. photo by Denise


shining up the panels. photo by Denise


Natalia’s first night in the shop. we immediately threw her into deep geek work, soldering PCBs. photo by Denise


Kathy looks positively THRILLED to be measuring the hinges! photo by Denise


contemplating how to best move this giant pipe, in order to begin chopping it into shorter pipes… photo by Denise

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