Final push before we leave!

Oh, why hello, mid-August. Here you are again, with your familiar flurry of activity, anxious list-making, hardware store errands, late nights in the shop, wild productivity, intense social bonding, crazy solution proposals, and blinding sprint-to-the-finish that is Load Out Day… Mid-August is like its own unique season.

Four images of our own heart-pounding progress:


photo by Jackie


photo by Jackie


photo by Amanda


meanwhile, up in the Geek Shack… Β  photo by Gabi

Finishing touches this week! We’re soldering alveoli, cladding the atria in copper, finishing up some details on the pulmonary artery, custom-fitting the aortic arch with rings, packing all the plumbing inside, and fabbing the Pulse Pods.

Fire testing tomorrow night! Load out Friday. Holy crap we’re almost there.

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