Taking down Soma

On Friday night, 100+ cyclists came and partied at our big gangly sculpture, and less than 24 hours later, Soma was GONE.

blubs wrapped, deck removal

Becca and Josh removing the deck, some of the blubs wrapped up…  photo by Denise

Beginning at 7am Saturday, we started pulling up the deck boards, removing, wrapping and labeling the delicate blubs, unbolting and removing the dendrites…


Dendrite and deck removal… photo by Sabs

Margaret removing a dendrite

Margaret removes a dendrite, Xa on the ground ready to receive it.  photo by Denise

detaching the axon

Detaching the axon. photo by Denise

bringing the axon down

Margaret lowers the axon while Laura watches approvingly. photo by Denise


… and piece by piece…

removing the upper deck

Amanda and Belen pulling off the deck boards. photo by Denise

omg these carriage bolts

The carriage bolts that held down these signs galled up and required several people to remove them. Josh is working the socket wrench from below while Becca pipe wrenches from the top. We were so happy to get those damn things off. photo by Denise

removing the upper dodeca

Removing the upper dodeca from its stand. photo by Denise

… the entire thing was taken apart!

lowering the upper dodeca

Lowering the upper dodeca to the ground for final dendrite removal. photo by Denise


Margaret VRing the dodeca onto the flatbed

Margaret bringing the dodeca over to the flatbed. Next step: restoring that pentagon-shaped mark on the concrete! photo by Denise

We loaded all its bits on a flatbed truck bound for Vallejo, where we’ll reinstall it in a few months for a whole new community to enjoy!

blub wrapping and labeling

Suzanne, Laura and J labeling and wrapping the blubs. photo by Denise

We’re back on Pier 14 today, filling in our concrete anchor holes and sweeping up. It’s pretty amazing to consider how much labor went into making this sculpture happen — everything from securing permits to building and testing the electronics to installing a deck and so much more — and in less than a day we pulled the entire thing down. Walk by it now and you’d never know there was a gigantic crazy interactive piece of art there, just a day ago.


By Sunday noon, the holes were all patched, and we were just sweeping up the final bits of detritus. Slinky guides the last section of dodeca support onto the flatbed for Mills to receive. photo by Lorah.

ENORMOUS THANKS to everyone who helped get this thing up AND down. We’re excited to reinstall it in Vallejo soon — more details on that when we have it nailed down.

This was an incredible success for the Flaming Lotus Girls on so many levels, and we are so proud of what we achieved with Soma on Pier 14!

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