Burning Mensch — the Angel Feathers at the JCC!


photo by Carolyn W

FLG brought some flame down to the first-ever Burning Mensch at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto. Our modular Feathers, part of the Angel of the Apocalypse sculpture, made a nice centerpiece at this fun community event.

Mensch (מענטש) is a Yiddish word that means “a person of integrity and honor.” These principles provide some guidance for being a selfless person, and always doing the considerate and decent thing. In the spirit of perpetual improvement, no Mensch possesses every good quality, but they spend their life working towards them. We could all stand to follow the philosophy of Mentshkeit!


photo by Wess Jess


Burning Mensch was a mellow, fun event featuring live music, circle dances, a silent disco and  of smiles and love for the Feathers. There were lots of families and kids in a warm, friendly atmosphere, and as always, we love to bring our art to different communities and events.


photo by Brian B

Huge props to our crew who worked so hard to get the Feathers in good working order in time for this gig: Carolyn, Tom, Steve, Andrea, Dave, Carlos, Christa, West Jess, Robin, Marisa, Cynthia, Kathy, and Dan!


photo by Brian B

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