Marco Cochrane, live-sculpting at our fundraiser!

We have a VERY special opportunity happening at our fundraiser! Marco Cochrane, creator of the jaw-dropping sculptures “Bliss Dance” and “Truth Is Beauty,” will be there to exhibit his masterful skills!

Bliss Dance! photo by Jon Evans.

Ben Canales TIB

Truth is Beauty. photo by Ben Canales.

Marco is doing a live-sculpting during our Interactive Arts Happy Hour. This is an amazing opportunity to see a 2 hour version of Marco’s creative process, and YOU could be his subject!
Here’s how it works: enter our donation drawing for a chance to model for Marco at our fundraiser. If you win, you’ll be sculpted during the Happy Hour! After the event, you’ll receive a plaster cast of the portrait bust! (If you’re not interested in modeling, or cannot attend the event, you can select someone else to pose, or we can choose for you.)
We are offering 500 tickets and are accepting voluntary donations of $12 each for an opportunity of a lifetime — get your tickets here while they last:
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