Soma repair weekend was a great success!

For the first time ever since we first installed Soma down at the Pier, all the lights are all on and they are THE RIGHT COLOR! We spent the weekend in the boom lift, and on ladders, reaching up to replace misbehaving LED boards inside the dendrite tips.

photo 3

Laura and Denise singing to the dendrites. photo by Catbird.

The geeks were hard at work programming, debugging, and wiring things up. The casting crew gave the blubs some TLC, drilling drainage holes for moisture and giving them a fresh coat of UV treatment. Our ground crew kept the public from wandering underneath our work zone. They chatted with passersby and answered questions about our group, and gave out plenty of stickers.

soma repair sabs

Plenty of folks were out on the Embarcadero on this beautiful weekend; some stopped to watch our progress. photo by Sabs.

We had a dynamite crew working together, and our resounding success shows. Come visit Soma after sunset and see how good it looks when all the lights are on and cooperating together!

sam blub sabs

Sam catches the sun with a blub.

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