Soma electronics build party a resounding success!

This past weekend, some FLG geek heroes got together and built up a whole slew of new driver boards for Soma’s LEDs. By all accounts it was a fabulous and productive day.  We made nearly 30 new boards, and repaired/salvaged over a dozen others. Laura K and Carolyn organized a strong crew of fabricators, and Lorah G caught all the magic with her camera.


Carolyn peers through the magnifier while reworking a board


Laura K & Sarah T hard at work


Rick tests the temperature as this board cooks its solder on the hot plate


here’s Tad, being excited about electrons


stenciling the solder paste onto a new board… sticky process!

IMG_0007 IMG_9962 IMG_9966 IMG_9982

We’ll be having another workday soon to finish mounting all the boards in their brackets and waterproofing them. Then we’ll head down to the sculpture and replace our faltering bulbs’ innards.

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