Soma dendrite damage: rescue and repair


unbolting the damaged dendrite. photo by Lorah G.


assessing the damage. photo by Lorah G.

This week, an eagle-eyed Flaming Lotus Girl noticed a bend on one of Soma’s skyward dendrite arms. It was the sort of damage that comes from a swinging/climbing person who is absolutely large enough to be old enough to know better. But such is the reality of sharing your creations with the public, so we got to work fixing it as quickly as we could!


we never stop recruiting. photo by Lorah G.


collecting the dendrite bolts. photo by Lorah G.


Kiz eases a blub off the dendrite tip. photo by Lorah G.


Kiz and Sabs remove the blub colar for transport. photo by Lorah G


sliced up like a scallion, ready to sectional replacements. photo by Margaret.

After the dendrite was removed and the hole was capped, the repair crew headed to the shop to start fixing the damage. We should have it back in place in the next few days.

2015-02-06 14.53.12

mid-repair. photo by Sam G.

2015-02-06 18.11.17

Margaret inspects… photo by Sam G.


Sam and Mara reassembling the dendrite. photo by Margaret.

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