Tympani Lambada at EDC

Greetings from the fuel depot at the 2014 Electric Daisy Carnival in hot, hot Las Vegas. The event just opened and there’s already an ocean of humanity here at the Speedway: kandi beads, meme teeshirts, glitter make-up, rainbows of neon, bandannas and sweatbands as far as the eye can see. Towering above are spinning carnival rides, ferris wheels, truss structures, speaker arrays, and every so often we see fireworks above the main stage. The three-day event starts tonight, and with expected crowds of 140,000 people *each night*, we’ll be poofing through hundreds of gallons of propane.

We’re situated between two different stages and some smaller attractions that feature their own array of speakers; the total effect ensures we’ll have a steady sonic bath of heavy beats until the sun comes up. The benches that surround Tympani have sound-sensing LEDs, so they’re pulsing nice and strong with whatever the dominant sounds of the moment are. It makes for a nice effect!

Our crew arrived here last week to begin building Tympani for this year’s EDC. Right away we adopted a nocturnal schedule to avoid the punishing heat of Las Vegas, and got busy unloading, surveying, and assembling the towering arches of the piece. The geeks placed the LEDs and sound-effect hammers along the Mobius arch, we retouched the paint to refresh its bone-like appearance, and the plumbers fitted and leak-tested the hundreds of connections from the fuel depot to the piece and around the two taller arches. We’re happy to report that after some futzing and a hardware store run or two, everything is in great shape.

NOW we are ready for it to get dark enough to light up, so we can melt hearts and blow minds!

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