Crunch time: still crunchy!

A few more pictures of our insane progress lately. We install in LESS than TWO WEEKS…


The aluminum casting crew works DAY…


… and NIGHT to complete our dendrites’ collars.


This is how good a finished one looks!

OK wait, how’d they do that? New FLG rockstar Paz took a video of Wednesday night’s aluminum pour. In the background, you can see what looks like someone flipping a young coconut over and over — that’s the resin casters, sloshing the material for our new LED diffusers! You can also hear the carpenters banging away on the magnificent platform that will surround Soma’s base. It’s a really busy scene for such a short video, but that’s how much activity happens around here on a Wednesday!


Meanwhile, up in the geek suite, we’re weather-proofing our PCBs, a process known as potting.


This isn’t even ALL of them… it surely represents an enormous amount of work.

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