another productive weekend in the shop

It sure was nice to have such perfect weather this weekend…

Sabrina on the welder

Sabrina on the welder

because we were out IN IT all day Saturday and Sunday, working on SOMA!

Brit on the upper dodeca

Brit working on the upper neuron’s nucleus

The fabrication crew is working on skinning the supports for the upper neuron with stainless steel mesh.

Kiz and Kerry welding

Kiz and Kerry welding

We made progress on the dendrite feet, the axon LED fixtures are well on their way, and some new folks learned how to weld and use the bender. You know you’re getting work done when you run out of welding gas… but we already got more, and plenty of wire, so we can jump back on it on Wednesday night.
Becca bending pipe

Becca bending pipe

Meanwhile, the geeks were hard at work peering through magnifying glasses while placing tiny components with tweezers onto circuit boards. Not exactly an outdoors activity. But big leaps forward were made on all fronts, and we’re really excited about our progress.

Wanna come help us? …


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