Synaptic Equinox a huge success!

We are excited to brag that our fundraiser party went incredibly well! Synaptic Equinox at Public Works was, by all accounts, a fabulous and successful event. We had a blast putting this party together, and the photos show that everyone there looked just as happy as we were with it all!


The beautifully ethereal jellyfish made for great dance partners.

Over ONE THOUSAND party-goers came through for this, and we want to thank everyone who packed the dance floor and made the atmosphere so much fun.


At the helm of the DJ booth, the SOMA model was the belle of the ball!


It was Sara, in the green room, with the squeegee...!

Upstairs in the green room, we were busy working the screen printers…










Future FLG recruits looking fly on the dance floor…

BZ-25 BZ-38 BZ-37


Meanwhile, the Photobooth was jumpin’ too:


we even had a surprise visit from some East Coast FLGs!


when they’re not at the shop caked in soot, FLGs clean up pretty good!

BZ-LEE-2911-X2 BZ-LEE-3031-X2

Love was in the air; the Photobooth turned into a kissing booth… MWAH! 


And of course the Photobooth itself: thanks to Brittni, JLee, and Foxy for snapping great shots of the party all night.







Were you there? Did you get immortalized in pixels? Check out all their shots here and here!

A HUGE THANK YOU and many lipstick kisses for our friends at Public Works, DISTRIKT, Opulent Temple, and Space Cowboys for partnering with us to make this event so damn good.

BZ-44 BZ-49 BZ-59

we heart you TOO!

we heart you TOO!

Huge thanks to everyone for all the love and support. In addition to the funds, this is a great moral boost as we continue ramping up our workload to pull this Soma installation together. And as ever, if you wanna come get in the mix, we welcome everyone to join the Flaming Lotus Girls and be part of our first ever urban installation, right in our home town!


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