Packing for TIMF

Putting the final touches on Merope tonight at the shop, before her next big public showing: this weekend’s Treasure Island Music Festival!


RosaAnna crimpin’ hose.

We seeded Pandora with Saturday night headliner Major Lazer to get in the right state of mind. The working hard state of mind, of course.


John’s up in the heart of the star, attaching the “heart” which shoots sparkles into the fire when we poof…


Anthony lights up for a quick fire test with the latest plumbing changes


We’re all staged to load up the truck and head over tomorrow morning…


work light, leak-test spray, can o’ sparkles… check.

Come find us on the lawn just beyond Bliss Dance. Look for sparkly fire.

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  1. Tamara Li

     /  October 18, 2013

    Yaaaay!!!!!! sad that OG merope died but so happy merope.2 lives! super curious how you plumbed her so the manifold doesn’t melt and how you replicated the spark le poof


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