Update from the Shop #6: The Crunch Continues…

It’s been a storm of activity down at the Box Shop lately. Every night is a work night, and our weekends are booked solid with fabricating more of Big Stumpy and its mushrooms! Here’s what it’s been looking like lately:


Lance happily beating a piece of metal into bark. This is one approach.


Here, Reema shows us how to beat the hell out of it.


Babs welds the bark bits onto the frame.Β 

This week, we FINISHED the first layer of bark. This is a HUGE milestone on Xylo’s build!


Up in the geek shack, Sam is busy inconveniencing electrons.


Lauren considers a piece of mushroom cap.


Margaret throwing sparks and cutting metal.


Here, the forklift supports a wind shield while the plumbers experiment with fire.

Mad activity down at the shop! This post is short on words because I’m trying to get down to the shop myself! It’s gonna be another late night in the best place to be as the clock ticks and load-out day approaches…


Awwww nuts. Also, bolts.

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