Update from the Shop #5: Barking

Xylophage’s central object is the big, burnt-out tree stump, playing host to flushes of mushrooms sprouting from its decaying form. To represent this in metal, we’ve been plasma cutting organically-shaped bark strips, pounding them into dented and wrinkled shapes, and attaching them to the outer planes of the big stump.

Our stump, affectionately known as Big Stumpy, has been coming together nicely over the past few weeks. The process is repetitive, and pounding on strips of steel is labor-intensive, but it’s a great activity for newer FLGs. And it’s quite a sight to see 5 or 6 people standing around a work table, slamming hammers onto metal — not to mention the cacophany they’re making. Here’s some photos of the last few weeks as the bark strips are coming into being…


On the floor to the left of the bark strips, note the hammer and sand bag we support the metal with while we pound.



The bark will be nicely rusted up by the time you see it in Black Rock City, but for now, it’s still shiny!


… coming along …



Here’s Meike, welding bark strips onto Big Stumpy’s exterior.


A clear look at the frame we’re covering.


Notice the Big Stumpy model down in the lower left corner…


Anthony and Lou welding on Big Stumpy.

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