FLG rocks EDC

A tight crew of neuron-wranglers built Soma this past week, to dazzle the crowds at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Here they are after the first long night of work, sooty and triumphant.Image

But we know how to get clean in style: Gojo in personalized squirty-tubes, of course.Image

In classic maker fashion, the sculpture gave her creators a few problems during setup; the poofers weren’t cooperating, and the LEDs weren’t in perfect working order straight out of the box. It’s been a few years since we ran this piece. But our determined crew refused to quit until her systems were in working order, which was a heroic feat. Here’s the axon throwing a celebratory fireball into the sky.


As you can see from these shots, our rockstars pulled it all together and got Soma in gorgeous, functioning order: nuclei spinning fire, LEDs pulsing, and balls of flaming gas floating over the crowd.


Here’s how good the sculpture looked during the fireworks show.Image

Soma in the desert dawn makes a good sunrise look even better.Image

Some of our crew, sporting their EDC Soma shirts, and basking in the glow of success. Even the flamingo looks happy.Image

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