Update from the Boxshop No. 1

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Hello Friendly People!

2013-05-27 20.07.58

our first cut list for metal! Yay!

Xylophage has started to become a tangible, physical reality. After the months of brainstorming, planning, and designing, we have metal on the ground, being cut for our centerpiece, Big Stumpy, with the mushroom metal soon to follow.

showing off Merope at Maker Faire, San Mateo

showing off Merope at Maker Faire, San Mateo

When the Flaming Lotus Girls are on, we really fire it up. In the past month, we’ve not only been finalizing the design of Xylophage and making our first cuts on metal, we’ve also been taking existing art out to Maker Faire in San Mateo, throwing a BBQ shindig at our shop, and hosting fundraisers in San Francisco – all while planning for our build at Burning Man. To pull this off, we have an amazing and talented collection of people!

Like all of our art, Xylophage requires us to hone many skills sets. Aside from welding and metal work, we also have teams of people working on lighting, sound and fire effects. Each discipline has a cluster of people devoted to crafting the effects that make the sculpture come alive.

One of the awesome things about the FLG is our policy of welcoming everyone to become a Flaming Lotus Girl, and that’s never more apparent than when we begin a new project. Most people come to the shop never having held an angle grinder in their hands or laced up a pair of steel-toed boots. Watching them transform themselves as we transform sticks and sheets of metal into art is a tremendous thing to behold.

Backing a Flaming Lotus Girls sculpture is more than just putting money towards an amazing piece of art to have in the world; it’s supporting a group of people who thrive on helping each other become the best they can be. That’s how we make our art, and thats what the money really creates. The Flaming Lotus Girls never forget our ethos of inclusivity and education, and how important the support of the greater community is. We thank you very sincerely for your ongoing help in furthering our art, and our community!


To join us in the shop, email info@flaminglotus.com. We work out of the Boxshop in San Francisco.

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  1. When are good times to come by your workspace? Or, where could I find the schedule?

    Thank you! Would love to help.

  2. hello!
    Our General Meeting is every Wednesday, 7:30pm. Send an email to info@flaminglotus.com for more details. Look forward to seeing you!


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