FLG at Maker Faire, May 18th and 19th!

Hey folks! The most awesome, inspiring and rewarding event in the Bay Area is coming up next month, and we are gearing up to present some work at this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire! We’re bringing Merope, one part of our Seven Sister’s sculpture. We’ve remade her in beautiful stainless steel, using our CNC plasma cutter — she’s looking VERY refined, and we’re excited to debut her locally! This photo is from before her make-over:


We’re also working on our first part of Xylophage, our next big sculpture. What exactly we’ll be bringing of that piece is still being figured out, naturally, as it’s a work in progress. But we have a lot of ideas and some cool new fire effects, so expect to see some of that showcased. And lastly, we’re making a big illustrated storyboard of How Big Art Comes To Be, a visual tale of how we go from idea to modeling to fabricating (and financing!) our big art pieces.


Come visit our booth, we’ll be outside shooting flames towards the heavens, and excited to explain what we’re working on… and how you can JOIN US!

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