You know you’re a Flaming Lotus Girl WHEN…

This is one from the deep corner of the vaults: a list of cues to help you face the fact that you are marinating in FLG culture. But don’t fret: there are a LOT of us, and we’re here to support each other.

…and WHY would we post/admit this sort of thing RIGHT as we’re about to leap head-on into a build season? Well, we’re realistic. Enjoy.


You Know You Are A Flaming Lotus Girl When….

* You rarely know what day of the week it is.
* All of your personal tools have florescent pink duct tape on them.
* When you unload the washing machine you find plumbing fittings.
* There’s a black ring in your bathtub.
* You keep finding new places to put a Flaming Lotus sticker.
* You have a stack of yet-un-reimbursed receipts for any of the following: McMaster-Carr, McTier Supply, Meeder Equipment, Praxair, Home Depot, Center Hardware, Airgas, Jameco
* You know what VHT and VST stand for.
* You never seem to have a lighter, but you always have a Sharpie.
* You have at least one other catchy name for what “FLG” stands for.
* Your screensaver is pyro art.
* You have stated at least once that you will “NEVER work with the FLG again!”

by Colinne, 9/26/06

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