The Next Big (Art) Thing


Serpent Mother Vertebrae
Photo by Jess Hobbs

The girls who brought you Serpent Mother, Soma, Angel of the Apocalypse, and Tympani Lambada are back in the shop brainstorming their next sculpture. We’re in the earliest stages of creation and no one knows yet what shape the new entity will take. We’re thinking about what makes an FLG sculpture an FLG sculpture and what essences we want to convey in the new piece. We’re discussing materials, metals, shapes, colors, sound…and of course fire! 

We’re going to keep hashing out these ideas, drawing on inspiration from the past as well as dreams of things we’ve never done before. Our goal is to compile a list of one hundred ideas and once we’ve amassed that stockpile, we’ll start culling it back down to a few ideas that speak to our hearts and minds and will inspire us to create a piece that will impart that feeling to our audience.

Myths, creatures, forests, fractals, galaxies, aquariums, geometry, these are a few of the ideas swirling around.

Alchemy of ideas and metal and fire, a crucible for inspiration. What will it be? We won’t know for a couple months, but once we do we’ll let you know. Watch it unfold throughout 2013.


Tympani Lambada at Burning Man 2011
Photo by Caroline Miller

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