propane burns GREAT in the rain…

A couple weekends ago, a crew of FLGs headed to San Bernardino, to bring the Cochlea section of Tympani Lambada to  Beyond Wonderland. The Cochlea fountain is made of TIG welded stainless steel tubes which conveniently nest together for travel, making this a great sculpture to easily take on a road trip.

Babs, Margaret and JDV fire-test the Cochlea.

Those of you who saw the Cochlea fountain at Burning Man will remember that it had a huge methanol shooter that purged colored flame straight out its top. For this particular venue, however, we omitted that feature and instead created the double poofer element.

As we prepared to head down, a quick check of the weather indicated that we should leave our tube tops and miniskirt-tutus behind, and pack our rain coats and Wellies instead. In fact, at one point the weather forecast called for snow, which we ended up getting on the way home.

JDV in full fisherman garb, priming the Cochlea

But despite the rain and subsequent mud, this sold-out event was packed with happy raver types, ready to dance all night — both for fun and fortitude against the sub-optimal weather…

Colinne approves of this sculpture.

The wind was a bit of a challenge at first, but the Cochlea fountain braved the elements with panache to delight the crowds with her beauty and style (and also to keep them warm).

Whenever we poofed, the audience would call for more.

The double poofer looked gorgeous and put out a lot of heat, which was enthusiastically welcomed by the shivering audience.

After a successful show, we upheld our annual tradition of stopping for delicious Anderson’s Pea Soup on the way home.

This pea soup is seriously worth the hype.

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  1. That looks great. Thanks for sharing. Shame about no tube tops or miniskirt tutus though.


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