Mutopia: Las Vegas

mutopia against a busy EDC sky- photo courtesy Cathyrn Blum

Las Vegas was hot. We’re talking, too hot to pick up that wrench hot, boil your brain inside your pink hard hat hot, 86 degrees at 4 am hot. Hot. Fire kitties we might be, but we’re accustomed to cooler climates. We quickly realized we’d be better off working at night- which seemed to be the routine of the rest of the production for Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). Thus, it was under the glare of light towers on the gravely speedway that we surveyed, unloaded mutopia from the racks and wrenched things together.

good morning, from the build crew- photo courtesy Cathyrn Blum

Putting it all together again went fairly well, for something that hasn’t been together for 3 years. There was a few moments of figuring out just how something went on something else, but that seemed fair enough. Our collective memory (and pictures from 2008) served us well.

Though our work “day” started at 7pm and ended at 6am, we managed to get out to see a bit of Las Vegas on our downtime- the favorites being the Bellagio Fountain, Red Rocks Park and the beef jerky store. We also located the nearest hardware stores, coffee shop, and the best plumbing fittings store ever, All Hose, less than a mile from our hotel.


During the build, we had some deliveries for our fuel depot infrastructure. A shiny new 30 gallon pressure vessel for our beloved liquid shooters arrived before we did, and we had our new pink LP vaporizer delivered to us on site. The days of worrying over lack of propane pressure are mostly over for us with the addition of Joulie, the 200 gallon per hour Ransome vaporizer. We’d been concerned about the matter of supplying propane to Mutopia. We are not concerned anymore. :)

As usual, the FLG crew rocked it- build went great, we wowed the fire marshals (who tried to be jaded and nonchalant, but we got some grins out of them), and we managed to entice people to play with our very hot fire art in a very hot climate. Not too bad! New friends were

packing is a dirty, dirty job.

made with the propane guys, the LGP hose guys, and we spent time with our friends from Flux, there building their new piece, Brollyflock. The breakdown crew got the sculpture taken apart and into the container by Tuesday night!

Check out more pictures from our adventure here, here, Β and better quality ones here.

One sculpture down! One to go! look for some updates on tympani soon, and check out our kickstarter here.

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  1. Sherry Huggi-Ma

     /  October 10, 2011

    The celebration of the life of Brandon Solem will be on Oct. 15th from 2pm-9pm at Dimension 7 at 150 Folsom St. San Francisco, 94105 SF.
    The speakers will begin at 5pm. Anyone is welcome to share stories.
    Beverages will be provided by Chai Baba Chai and altars by Sherry Huggi-Ma. Your attendence will be appreciated by the family and your stories and pictures of Brandon will enlighten us all. Blessings to you.


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