big sculptures start out little, and angry tree!

lou, matthew, brit and matt working on the tympani model

Momentum is gathering around  Tympani Lambada, our new piece for burning man.

One of the things we’ve learned about making  big sculptures is that it helps to have a scale model of what you’re planning to build.  It really helps if that model can also represent where the sculpture comes apart, which is an important thing for us to plan for.  Most of our sculptures breakdown and pack into 40 foot shipping containers, and though this does place some size restrictions on pieces, it’s a great way to store and ship large sculptures. Getting everything to fit in the container can be a bit of a trick, but  we’re well known for our nice racks.

our curvy arches

our curvy arches

Tympani is a long way from getting put into a container, but its something we have to keep in mind while figuring out just how we’re building this massive thing. We’ve been making a new 1 inch to 1 foot scale model of Tympani… and I’m occasionally struck by how large it will be.

(though I’m sure I’ll think its too small on playa, but theres something wrong with me like that.)

There’s also been some side research going on concerning the world of forced air flame effects.  Its a particularly loud and hot type of fire effect,

angry tree! our mini-therm. we heart you guys.

one that our friends at Therm have been doing for a long time, but we haven’t gone there. Until now.  Its a LOT of fun.

Luckily for me,  my friend Sam Reese has also been venturing into the realm of forced air effects, so using a manifold he put together and some scrap we found around the yard, we’ve gotten some experiments going. The current favorite is dubbed “angry tree” … and we’ve already had some fun at parties with it.

Tympani’s fire is pretty exciting… theres also the cochlea methanol fountain, for which model making is also under way. We’re unable to resist putting a liquid shooter on top.

And of course, we’re gearing up for some fundraising. If only metal grew on trees and propane fell from the sky…  keep an eye out for some events from us soon!

xo, margaret

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  1. I’m awfully grateful that propane doesn’t fall from the sky…in tanks or otherwise! I guess that means I should probably buy a T-shirt.

    Seriously though, Tympani Lambada was beautiful. Thanks for all you do!


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