oh hey, we got that burning man grant!

tympani lambada, illustration by sierra murphree

Flaming Lotus Girls are delighted to announce that we have been funded by Burning Man for Tympani Lambada! This is exciting news for all of us, as you might imagine. We’re honored to be bringing a sculpture to the playa this year to share with everyone… it truly is a privilege and a pleasure to build for burning man. Check out the project here: http://tympanilambada.wordpress.com/

there is a lot of this sort of thing.

Work is already beginning at the Boxshop in parallel with the Mutopia re-emergence. It’s interesting to be working on 2 projects that are at such different stages in their creation cycles. On one end, we have Mutopia, which is already built and has its own aesthetic already. Most of the work on Mutopia is geek, casting and  plumbing, with some re-fabrication to more fully realize an already existing sculpture.

Tympani, on the other hand, is just being born. We’re working on a scale model and finalizing our vision for the overall design, experimenting with new fire effects, and transitioning from the dream phase to the reality of metal and gravity. This means… a lot of drawing on the work tables and a lot of imagining how it will all go together. Dreams of lines and forms give way to dreams of flanges and trusses.
There is a lot going on at the boxshop with FLG these days! Mutopia is in and out of the box again, Tympani is underway, and we’re gearing up for a fantastic build season. And yes, there is a place for you. Come join us! No experience needed.
send inquires to: info@flaminglotus.com
expect some updates from the shop in the next couple days; I’m catching up on this blog thing.
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  1. Awesome writing style!


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