We’re on fire again!

Yay! Things are on fire again!  And, thankfully, they’re mostly things that are suppose to be on fire!

Pod 5 of Mutopia has risen once more. It’s going to be traveling to Beyond Wonderland down south in about two weeks, so the geeks and plumbers have been busy testing out the systems that make it go poof. We are pleased to find that solenoids are clicking and hose fittings are in good condition. After two years in the container, things have fared well.

This is the beginning of the Mutopia re-birth. Mutopia has only been shown once in full – at Burning Man in 2008. There, we were delighted to have created an enormous, somewhat dangerous beast of a sculpture that only occasionally tried to eat itself. It was great fun – at times challenging and hectic,  but ultimately amazing.

After burning man that year, we cleaned it up, put it in a shipping container, and there Mutopia lay in wait. This year we have the opportunity to be able to take it out of the box,  fix it up,  and build it again. This is pretty exciting. I have a big soft spot (possibly in my head) for Mutopia. It’s great that the the sculpture and its systems are functioning as well as they did when we put it away, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Like any Burning Man project, there are things we feel were incomplete. There are things we can improve upon, things we want to remake, and things to fix. It’s pretty exciting, even as we wait to hear about the potential new project for Burning Man 2011. I know it’s keeping me busy!

This past week, we tested some of the fire effects for pod 5, including the three way poofers. Somewhat inspired by Pyrokinetics’ Pendulum, these poof sideways in three directions, causing them to swing. One of the things we’ll have to re-do for showing in public is raise the height of the effect to be less, well, head height. We need to make sure we don’t burn any pretty heads:)

Last week’s geek workshop was great! We made tv-begones, a small electronic remote control that let’s you turn off any TV anywhere. They are some good silly fun. Look for another workshop soon.

Things are heating up for sure. If you’re wishing you could join in the fun, well, you can! Wednesday nights are our general meeting night, and a good night to come by if its your first time. Please contact us at http://www.flaminglotus.com/contact-us

And, um, no, we haven’t heard from Burning Man yet about art grants. Hence my need to light things on fire. We will keep you posted!


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