FLG WorkWeekend: Mutopia emerges! Sat/Sun Feb 19/20

Come meet the flaming lotus girls and help us unpack Mutopia this weekend Sat/Sun Feb 20/21.

We are getting Mutopia ready for a possible show in LA. this weekend, we will unpack the sculpture from her 40 foot shipping container.  She has not been unpacked since she was shown at Burning Man 2008, so who knows what surprises await us. 

Pending torrential rain and pelting hail, we will have work both saturday and sunday, starting at 11 a.m. on saturday.
This is an all hands activity! Work gloves and steel-toed shoes are highly recommended.

We would love your help and are looking for volunteers. This is a great time to meet us and see what we do.

Our plan thus far for the weekend:
everything out of the box!
look at it. Cringe.
take a general inventory of what in there… it has sort of been a while.
gather up all manner of geekery to keep out for testing
find that big red regulator we left in the back 2 years ago
access the rack situation. (you’ll see what I mean.)
pick out the pieces for two or three pods to keep in the shop.
everything back in to the box!
discuss logistical plan for mutopia work over beers and cheese

If you’re interested in coming, send us an email at http://www.flaminglotus.com/contact-us

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