Help shape the next Flaming Lotus project! Illustrators wanted

Flaming Lotus Girls, world-renowned mavens of fire art and lipstick, are searching for  talented volunteer illustrators to help bring our next project to life.

We are working on our burning man 2011 proposal – Tympani Lambada. Tympani Lambada is an sculptural embodiment of the inner ear, combining fire, vibration and sound to create an interactive spectacular fire art experience.

What we have right now are some initial sketches, a 1/24th scale wire-frame model, and a 3-d fly around rendering. What we are looking for a concept image/ “hero shot” that captures the visceral sensuality of the piece. This image will be used in the burning man proposal, and become the iconic visual representation of Tympani.

About Flaming Lotus Girls: we are a volunteer-based group that creates monumental works of
interactive, mechanical fire art. Our work combines sculpture, kinetics, robotics, pyrotechnics, and electronic technology to build art that engages our audiences and invites their direct  participation. For more information and images of our work see

Our burning man proposal deadline is February 1, so we need an illustrator yesterday.  If you are interested, please send an email and a sample of your work or a link to asap

We look forward to working with you!

With love and lipstick kisses,

Flaming Lotus Girls

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