Flame Effects For The Artist November 20th and 21st in Sparks, NV

Attention all artists who wish to incorporate fire aspects into their art! This is a great class… We highly recommed it!

Sparks Nevada just outside Reno will be the site an exciting two-day seminar and workshop teaching basic practices and principles for incorporating fuel based flame effects into your work. This class is great for the beginning fire artist and always has something new for the “expert”.

Our hosts will be members of the Reno fire art community including:

Dave King (Controlled Burn) http://controlledburnreno.com/

Steve Atkins (creator of the Spire of Fire) http://www.spireoffire.com

One Eyed Dick (flame effects lead on Ein Hammer) http://www.mutantvehicle.com/Ein_Hammer.htm

Leading the workshops for this weekend will be Dave X, Fire Safety Manager for Burning Man for over 10 years, and Eric Smith, Chief Inspector for the State of Nevada Board for the Regulation of LP Gas.

The first day will consist of a classroom session where we will discuss NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines including NFPA 54 and 58 the LP gas codes as well as NFPA 160 Flame Effects Before a Live Audience and other codes. We will examine the physical properties of LP gasses and get some hands on time with fittings and parts. The day will finish off by taking a look at some typical designs for Flame Effects including accumulators, free burning effects, pilot lights, etc. We will have plenty of demonstrations and hands on materials as well as the legendary clear propane cylinder.

The second day will be a shop day where we will put what we have learned into action and create a one of a kind flame effect from the materials on hand. The best part of the class is the assembly of the effect so please let us know if you have materials or elements you may like to see incorporated. This class will be fun for the artist who is thinking of incorporating a small flame element into their work, as well as the more experienced fire artist wanting to take their work to the next level.

Check out some pic’s of past classes

New York


San Francisco

The cost of this 2-Day class will be $120.

Both days’ classes will be from 10am – 5pm.

Printed materials and a crappy but filling lunch of burnt (Turkey…Gobble Gobble) hot dogs and whatever cheap sodas we can get will be provided.

Come and join us for this weekend to hang out with other fire artists and have a blast, no pun intended. We have room for 30 and will be taking walk up registration the day of the event, space permitting. 

To get registered for this class, send Flaming Lotus Girls an email at http://flaminglotus.com/contact-us and we will forward your request to Dave X, class organizer

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