soma’s up at Maker Faire!

over the past weeks and months, lots of good folks have put in many hours of hard work to get Soma ready for Maker Faire. and wouldn’t ya know it? we did it!

Photo by Catie Magee

after lots of work yesterday and the help of lots of new and old faces, we got Soma all up and ready to be tested today! it’s nice to have her back up again, and it’s even nicer to know that the geex were able to come a long way with her over  the past few months. By the time Saturday rolls around, we hope to have her brighter and better than you’ve ever seen her. And if you’ve never seen her, well, you’ll be mighty impressed.

Get your tickets to Maker Faire and come down to see amazing art, incredible creations and wild contraptions! The Raygun Rocketship will be there. So will the exquisite Fishbug, the amazingly talented Interpretive Arson team with their newest creation, Syzygryd, and the fantastic Kinetic Steam Works team. So, get your ticket to Maker Faire, and come see us! We’ll have buttons and tee shirts and stickers and fire and lights and lots of fun and friendly Lotus Girls.



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