come support our lotus girls this weekend!

The first weekend of April is upon us! Eggs will be hunted! Bunnies will jam! Jesus will be judged hunky! Big wheels will be raced at breakneck speed!



And in the midst of all the mayhem, we’d like to invite you to a very special event for two of our favorite lotus girls. Come join us for the:

“Stay/Go Party” …or

“Help Mills get closer to the $5085 she needs to keep her awesomeness in the Bay Area AND Wish Brent farewell on his Near East adventure so he can get his ass out of here”

Background: Mills needs money to pay for lawyer and government filing fees for her GREEN CARD so you can keep her here setting fire to things like only she knows how! Otherwise she will be kicked back to blighty in August 2011 Brent is off to New Zealand and we are going to wish him on his merry way!

Saturday, April 3rd
2 pm til LATE!
At the Shipyard
1010 Murray Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Donations of any size welcomed and appreciated. If you can’t make it but want to support Mills, you can paypal donations to billsformills (at) gmail (dot) com

*Rosa Anna’s gonna make burgers with all the fixings, marinated chicken and tri-tip
*Catherine’s gonna give you yummy cheese and snacks
*World fabulous DJs!
*There will be booze! A full bar with beer and wine (none of that 2 buck chuck garbage) and fancy cocktails!
*Mills is gonna love you!
*Brent’s gonna love you, too!
*Fire toys courtesy of JDV
*Mini-mega Junior!

Come out and help keep one of our most favorite people in the world here with us in the Bay. Mills can’t do it without us.

And come give Brent the great send off he deserves as he packs it all up and heads off to exotic lands.

we’d love to see you!



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