Soldering for Jesus

In the Middle of Toronto, in Nathan Philips Square, lies the body of a 50 foot phoenix, placed there lovingly by a group know as the Flaming Lotus Girls.

To catch you up, the last few days have been an unloading and building frenzy in front of Toronto’s City Hall.

Saturday Mills and I were joined by a great crew of locals to help unload the truck.  Karen, Jean, Jason (Pixel), Ted (T-Man), Mark (Solid), and Aaron (Dubble), plus city staff Chris and John.

Saturday Night the Set-up crew joined us after a long plane ride from SF and we were  treated to a warm Canadian welcome by our rockstar Toronto unload crew.  Despite the troubles we have had with Canadian regulatory entities we are absolutely charmed by the love we have received from Toronto.

Sunday we spent the day putting up the body and head of our Angel.  Even the rain didn’t stop us.

And because Sunday is a sacred day for so many we spent the night Soldering for Jesus, with help from Pixel and T-Man.

Love and Canadian Kisses,
Your Flaming Lotus Girls

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  1. You are all so Yummy!

  2. Valerie

     /  January 26, 2010

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your installation, I’m planning to come and see it more than once. It will be so nice to experience an installation like this in the winter. I’m studying art history, though I was a studio major for my first two years of university, so I love the opportunity to see events like this. All the best for a smooth construction and installation. Welcome to Toronto and I hope you enjoy our city!


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